Scent of The Month


For July's scent of the month we are releasing THREE limited edition scents! Grapefruit Pine, Summer Slushee, and Bonfire Marshmallow. They will be available while supplies last!  Our gift box includes one of each scent in our 5.5 oz size.  It makes for a perfect gift!

Grapefruit pine is Summer's answer for those that enjoy burning Pine scents all year!

Grapefruit Pine:
Top: PIne, Grapefruit
Middle: Green
Bottom: Wood, Vanilla

Summer Slushee is a delicious fruit blend that will have you thinking of yummy summer popsicles and frozen treats!

Summer Slushee:

Top: Cherry Syrup, Orange
Middle: Shaved Vanilla Ice, Citrus
Bottom: Lime Juice, Fizz

Bonfire Marshmallow is a mix of bonfire with a hint of toasted marshmallow that will have you reminiscing of nights around the campfire!

Bonfire Marshmallow:

Top: Roasted Marshmallows, Cedar Wood
Middle: Brown Sugar, Sandalwood
Bottom: Sweet Caramel, Musk, Amber

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